Our Business Overview
Design and Engineering services
A professional, experienced and knowledgeable team of designers and engineers
Extensive research and development procedures
Rapid prototyping and material testing
A global pool of patentable designs
Intensive development timeframe
Selection of the most appropriate materials, effective mechanism, and productions with high cost efficiency
Carefully chosen and verified cost-efficient tooling design and tooling maintenance
Reliable Partnership Well-established with Manufacturers
Meticulously screened and verified selection of approximately 200 competitive and qualified manufacturer network built
Reliable partnership with factories with in-depth expertise for specific material use and production capability established
Strict Intellectual property control among the factory networks highlighted
Economies of scales achieved through selective raw material purchasing
Detailed production monitoring and supervision services provided
Comprehensive quality control and supervision services offered
Frequent internal testing and third-party laboratory testing conducted.
Distribution network
Our headquarter is located in Shanghai, the heart of China as well as the main hub of world manufacturers
The Group currently operates a flagship story in Beijing and a comprehensive sales network with more than 90 retail points in the major cities of the PRC region. We are planning to expand the sales network and distribute the products via 250 points of sale (to be set up) in all the major cities of the PRC area in 2015